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About Us

Management Team

INMA was founded by Prof. V. Guruswamy, M.A., along with his sons G. Rathinavelu, B.E. and G. Sundaravadivelu, B.A.B.L.

Prof V Guruswamy Prof. V. Guruswamy, M.A., Chairman, a Scholar and Retired Professor of Tamil Litreature, mentor and guiding spirit energizing the organization with strategic advice.

Rathinavelu Guruswamy Rathinavelu Guruswamy, B.E., Managing Director, has over 30 years construction experience and is responsible for planning business policies and objectives, directing all initiatives, targeting potential business opportunities and steering the future growth of the company.

Sundaravadivelu Guruswamy Sundaravadivelu Guruswamy, B.A.B.L., Director, is responsible for the organization’s operational objectives and procedures and has a strong background in project estimating, project management, and personnel management.

Gunamalar Rathinavelu Gunamalar Rathinavelu, B.Sc, B.G.L., Director, oversees administrative and financial functions and is actively involved in the planning of the company’s overall business objectives.

The team has the knowledge, experience and professionalism to deliver the ultimate collaborative experience in the execution of the projects.